Evlilik teklifi (Marriage proposal)


At Marriage Proposal, we are a creative event company dedicated to making your special moments unforgettable. Inspired by the unique beauty of Istanbul, we offer a variety of services for different events, including restaurant marriage proposals, beachside engagements, and birthday celebrations.

We take pride in turning our customers’ dreams into reality by organizing creative and distinctive events. From intimate restaurant proposals to romantic beachside engagements, we strive to add value to your special occasions. Our company is well-known for hosting extraordinary events, such as luxury yacht proposals featuring laser shows. Additionally, we provide yacht organization services for those looking to celebrate special occasions on the sea.

Situated in the heart of Istanbul, we meticulously plan every detail, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of our mission. Marriage Proposal is here to transform your dreams into reality and make your special moments truly unforgettable!

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