What is Naval Radome? Volo Radome


A marine radome is a protective cover or enclosure that houses and protects a marine radar antenna on a ship or boat. The word “radome” comes from the combination of “radar” and “dome” because the radome typically has a dome-like shape.

The radome is made of materials that are transparent to the radar waves emitted by the antenna. This allows the radar signals to pass through the radome and be transmitted and received by the antenna without interference or distortion. The radome also protects the antenna from the harsh marine environment, including saltwater, wind, and other weather conditions.

Naval Radome In addition to protecting the radar antenna, the radome can also improve the radar’s performance by reducing the amount of clutter on the radar screen. The shape and size of the radome can be optimized to minimize reflections and other interference that can degrade the radar’s performance.

Overall, a marine radome (Naval Radome) is an important component of a ship or boat’s navigation and safety equipment, helping to ensure that the vessel can safely navigate through the water and avoid collisions with other vessels, hazards, and obstacles.

The website https://voloradome.com/ appears to be a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying radomes for a variety of applications including the aerospace, defense, marine and telecommunications industries.

The website also provides information about their capabilities, processes, and technologies, as well as a blog section that covers various topics related to radomes and their applications.

Overall, the website seems to be a business-oriented platform that showcases the products and services of a radome manufacturing company, with a focus on providing solutions for the specific needs of different industries.

Their products include radomes made of various materials, such as composite, metal, and foam, to suit different environmental and technical requirements. They offer customized solutions to their clients and claim to use advanced design and engineering techniques to ensure high-quality and reliable products.

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